Prologue of a Free Man Script

Wallowing in the theater of dreams
Our hero, unfocused, watches the screen
The question of “Why?” makes him think of his name
And it brings him to know things are not as they seem

He stands where he knelt, defying the shame
He sees his surroundings are nothing to blame
For the chains he escapes as they fall to the floor
Reaching out to his friends, he beckons them forth
But they pay him no mind, still watching the score
So he gets up to leave, and he walks out the door

The outside is dark, he’s without a guide
Off in the distance he glimpses a light
But the faster he moves the further the flight
Of the flame he desires to warm up his night

So he stops

And he sits, embracing the cold
Breaking down life defacing the bold
Questioning all of the words he was told
Embracing the new, erasing the old

A man from the darkness whispers the proof
That inspires our hero, a creature of youth
But he looks at himself and sees he is nude
For now lacking power to trifle with truth

All he has is a pen, and the strength of his words
Malaise sets in as he watches absurd
He lives lacking life so as not to disturb
The mind he melds to prepare for war

As future looms, he looks to the past
To garner knowledge previously lacked
Though past may bring pain himself he has tamed
To turn with defiance to those who would ask
Him to sing as though one in the race of the rats
But instead he sees clearer, and he points the mirror
At those who’ve forgotten the way of the path

Repression, Expression, Progression, Regression
The life of a zero becoming a hero
But the preacher of despair rips out his heart
As he unfolds a message detailing broken dreams

The hero examines the ways of the world
Misinformation unravels, unfurls
He now knows knowledge does not equal knowing
This thought in itself sends him into a whirl

He runs back, frightened, to those at the screen
To tell them details of lies he has seen
But they do not care for the things he has learned
Ignorant, blissful, enjoying the dream
He scream and shouts to the people to turn
The open listen
The vaulted spurn

Restlessly rising from his sunken plight
He wanders the world with nothing but sight
Once again thrown aside, cast into the night
The chips are down, the die is cast and so begins the fight
But looking for direction, he goes neither left nor right
He looks at you, says wake up
Then spreads his wings for flight.


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